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Kress Robotic Lawnmowers 

Kress Robotic Lawnmowers cut your lawn whilst you relax. The high tech robotic mowers recognise obstacles, drive around them, can climb slopes, mowers right up to the lawn edges for a perfect finish and continually optimises it's route during lawn mowing. 

Leading technology for a perfect lawn!

Find the Mission for your needs:

Mission technology

Mission always knows where to go to optimize its mowing route. Whenever it reaches the border, it gently turns in the best direction. Other robotic mowers stop, reverse, stop, and turn in one direction or another without being aware of which direction is best. Not only does it waste time, it wears your lawn along the borders. Mission makes au- tonomous decisions to protect the health of your lawn.

Love trees? We do as well

Conventional robotic mowers cannot handle your little forest. They start bouncing from tree to tree and chance is they get lost there with battery discharged. Mission’s patented ultrasonic OAS slaloms between the obstacles with ease. If you have lots of trees in your lawn, there’s no alternative to a Kress Mission with OAS.

Side Trim Technology

Wild borders are a thing of the past. The biggest complaint robotic lawn mower owners have is borders that have to be manually trimmed. Mission's blade is offset to mow the perimeter of your lawn as closely as possible to ensure that when your Mission is done, so is the work

After a climb, there’s always a descent

Mission is a climbing champion. When going downhill, it is slowed by a regenerative brake system that converts the kinetic energy into electricity, which is stored in the battery for extended runtime

Thought in every detail

A conventional charging stations is a large, visually unpleasant plastic pad that kills the grass underneath it. Even worse, it quickly becomes a jungle since most robotic mowers don't maintain their own homes. The Mission's base is your grass, which gets manicured just like every other corner of your lawn.

Expertise in your hand

Exactly as the Kress Mission mower is way more than just another robotic lawn mower, its app is way more than a remote control in your pocket.

No guess work

How long should Mission operate to mow your lawn? The app does the math for you.

Climate affects grass growth

The app knows what's going on in your garden and adjusts its work schedule accordingly.

Stay in the know

Review all relevant statistics about your Mission and what it's doing for you.

Mows where others don’t dare

Other mowers require additional guide wires to navigate narrow passages—and only end up cutting along the wire! Mission does more. Not only does Mission handle bottlenecks with ease, it mows the whole passage.

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Our Slope Climber

On downhill slopes, a recuperative braking system brakes the Mission. The kinetic energy generated here is converted into electricity that extends the battery runtime.

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