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Size of area - 4200m2

Power - 20v/6.0Ah

6 blades, 35cm cutting width, 30-60mm cutting height

Avg run time / Charge time - 92min / 46min


The MEGA KR133E is the latest robotic mower platform from Kress. For the first time, these mowers feature double blades and a cutting width of up to 35 cm. The unique in-wheel drive ensures more precise, quieter mowing. The MEGA KR133E and KR136E represent a new Kress milestone that combines efficiency with performance, intelligence and unbeatable reliability. For an area performance of over 3,000m².


Warranty - Up to 3 Years



OAS Obstacle Avoidance System

INTIVA Intelligent Navigation Technology

Regenerative Brake System

Side Trim Technology

Side Charge

Remote Mobile Control Phone

Multi-Zone Programming

Forward and Reverse Rotation Blade

Safety First: Instant Blade Stop When Lift Up

Rain Sensor

3-blade Cutting/Mulching System

Double Mowing Plates

In-wheel Drive

Floating Mowing Deck

IPX5 Water Spray Protection

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